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Script for CFG

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bind "SPACE" "+hop"
alias +hop "alias _special @hop;@hop"
alias -hop "alias _special"
alias @hop "special;wait;+jump;wait;-jump"

2.Name Changer-Acest script schimba numele automat cand tastati F7
alias name1 "alias name_sw name2; name UltraMania-PlayeR"
alias name2 "alias name_sw name3; name Atocs"
alias name3 "alias name_sw name4; name [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
alias name4 "alias name_sw name5; name UltraMania.Comunity"
alias name5 "alias name_sw name1; name Iubesc Atocs"
alias name_sw "name1"
bind "F7" "name_sw"

3.Flashlight -Un mic script pentru lanterna

//alias _special ffire
alias fireon "alias _special ffire;ffire;alias afire fireoff"
alias fireoff "alias _special;alias afire fireon"
alias afire "fireon"
alias ffire "impulse 100;wait;special"
alias +fastfire "afire"
alias -fastfire "fireoff"
bind f +fastfire

4.FakeReload-Printr'un singur click puteti anula reincarcarea armei si puteti trage cu gloantele ramase.

alias is_reloading "weapon_knife; wait; wait; lastinv"
alias +reload_fake "+reload"
alias -reload_fake " -reload; is_reloading"
bind kp_enter +reload_fake

Atentie!!Aceste scripturi se pun in Cfg.

#1Niciun icon Script for CFG on Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:56 am

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